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Vreugdenhiltstraat 6a
3864 PK Nijkerkerveen
Telefoon: 033  468 1085
Mobiel: 06 30 41 47 43

About David

David Grifhorst is a television and film director. For all his tv projects he creates his own 3D set designs to ultimately serve his camera plots in the most effective way.


Grand scale live events such as Idolsand the Eurovision Jr. Song Contest as well as the live musical event The Passion, both in Holland (NPO) and The United States (FOX).


All television formats by David Grifhorst are available through his company Live Visual. These include The Exit List, The 60 Second Time Trap,
In Another Life, The ManCave Superchallenge, The Bogus Box and The Runner Up. For more info send an email to